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  • How to implement certain Nagios features with Mango, like data source down, data source too slow, etc. ?
    Is there a simple ping example done in Mango, that shows the state of a system?

  • The data source can be set to trigger an alert if there is an exception. Does this answer your question?

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  • In DGLux I need to set some large portions of the screen to yellow, or red, if things get out of range, while normally the
    gauges would show exact values. Perhaps the gauge as a whole should turn orange, to attract visually when a warning needs to be fired.
    Should this be performed by a separate data point referring to the measurement data point? Perhaps by a point link?

    And another issue: I can't seem to find external processes as data source, like ping <hostname> ? Or some test programs of my own.
    How to go about that. vmstat is a great example of what could be there.

    Thanks, regards, Zdravko.

  • I DGLux you can bind dynamic properties to a color so that it changes when a range is reached. Have you seen our DGLux videos in the tutorials section? Also see our vimeo account

    Could you post your question about running the external command in a separate post. I know there is a way to do it but it would best be answered by Joel or Matthew.


  • This should be helpful

  • Thanks! It is. :-)