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  • I'm running MA 2 using derby on OSX. I'm trying to get two independent mango instances going at the same time but can't seem to get it up and running. I Unzipped a fresh copy of MA, changed the server address to :8082 using an override to "" and started up with ma-start.command. The process runs, modules are unpacked, the java framework starts running and then shuts down. I'm guessing I need to modify more than just the properties?

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  • Make sure you do not have a MA_Home environmental property set. If it is set for the whole system then there will be a conflict between the two instances.

  • Where exactly is that set? I'm familiar with setting that in windows but not osx.

  • There are a few ways to set it but if you didn't set it to begin with then that's probably not the problem.

  • Ok I may have found a bug. It appears that the overides folder isn't working. If I modify the original properties file, everything works perfectly. Any Ideas why the overides folder isn't being seen?

  • I also have trouble getting multiple instances to run. I've left two replies at describing my attempts with Mango 1.
    Now I've installed Mango 2 and I have the same problem. Both instances appear to run normally. After browsing around instance 1, when I click on instance 2 I find instance 2 is logged out. I then login at instance 2, browse around. Then when I go back to instance 1, I find instance 1 is logged out.
    The two instances are under different subdirectories under tomcat. define different ports (not using the overides folder). I've tried both derby and MySQL (with distinct databases) and get the same result.

  • I think the problem is the way the browser keeps the session open. If you open each instance in two different browsers it should work fine.


  • Many thanks Joel. That's the secret.