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SQL Data Source not listed

  • Hi. I have downloaded mango_automation_full-core-2.0.6 version of Mango Automation. I wanted to check SQL Datasources and then built data points from this source to get a graph of the changes. But I see only two data sources: Internal Data Source and Virtual Data Source. I do not see SQL on the list. I tried SCADA BR and since that din't work for me, I thought of trying this. So my question is, do I need to buy a license to even try the SQL Data Source? Or is this due to some problem in the installation? Thanks in advance.

  • In Mango Automation all the Data Sources and other components are modules that can be installed or un-installed. The Full Core download comes with all the basic modules but you need to install the Data Sources separately. If you go back to the download page where you downloaded the Full Core file you'll see all the available Data Sources listed there. SQLDS is the one you want. To install it simply place the .zip file in your MA_HOME/web/modules folder and restart Mango. Do not unzip the file, Mango will do that and install it.


  • Great. It worked. Thanks a lot. :)

  • Is there a way to control the y-axis scaling on an image chart within a graphic view? I would like to set the min and max explicitly instead of having it set based on the range of the data.

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  • Hi, you posted this is a thread regarding the SQL Data Source but to answer your question, no but if you use DGLux for your charting then you can control all of this and much more.


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