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How to refill the missing data for data points in the meta data source

  • I have some meta data points calculated from data points that obtain from remote site through persistent module. This central Mango was shutdown accidentally for an hour. After a day these data from the remote site were re-sync. However, the meta data were not re-filled automatically in the shutdown period. The only way I can way I know is to delete the whole set of meta data and recreate with historical regeneration. Is there any better way that I just refill the missing data in the meta data source. Thanks in advance !

  • I would try the following (for each meta point):

    1. disable the meta point
    2. purge all of its history
    3. regenerate the history
    4. re-enable the point

    If remote updates come in while the regeneration is happening you may miss them.

  • Thank you of your suggestion and quick response.