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"Address already in use: Cannot bind" error

  • Hello,

    We are using the new version of Mango Automation and have a question related to the BACnet module. When we tried to do the Remote Device Object List discovery, we have to turn off all the existing BACnet data source. Otherwise, there is an error "Address already in use: Cannot bind." Today when I tried to turn on an existing BACnet data source (there are three others turned on already), it also gave me this error "Initialization error: Address already in use: Cannot bind." I am wondering whether it's because there is something we did wrong? Can we configure multiple BACnet data sources to work at the same time? Thank you very much!

    Best wishes,

  • The current BACnet I/P implementation has a 1-to-1 relationship between a local device and a UDP port. There are plans to update the implementation to allow multiple devices for one port, but there is no specific schedule at this time for these changes to be made.