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Addding new multistate image sets

  • Hi,

    Is there any easy way to add custom multistate image sets for the graphical views? If not perhaps you could provide a few words to point me in right direction in the code?


  • Hi Stew,

    Currently image sets are defined in the class By adding a new entry here and putting your images into the /images directory, they should become available. The class should be easy to recompile since it only depends on java.util.* classes.

    Eventually we want to make this simpler by, say, loading xml definition files, but this hasn't been worked out yet.

  • Hi M@

    Under the data_sources.shtm page:

    How does on delete data sources that are no longer required? There does not appear to be a way to do this.

    You can enable or disable them but cannot delete them.

    Is this available or planned for a future release?

    Thanks, Clark

  • Hi Clark,

    Yes, the next version (0.8.0 scheduled for release this month) will include a number of enhancements and upgrades, including the ability to delete data points and data sources.

  • (maybe this should be in Wish List)
    a simple script for adding multistate image sets would greatly improve the product.
    while I might be able to hack my way through the programming, I'm not excited about navigating a Java Development Environment and recompiling just to add a picture set.
    Mango has a nice GUI interface, and I see on the page that expanding it's icon set is one of your goals. An easier "add set" with some instructions (naming convention etc.) would allow this development to be delegated (esp. if there was a repository we could use to share).

    You've got a good thing going here

  • Check out the main help documentation. Near the bottom is a section called "Graphics" that describes how to easily add new image sets to Mango. Some of the posts here were made obsolete by this new functionality.

  • I followed the guidance from the main Help documentation...
    This allowed me to add a set of multi-state images that work fine for a Numeric Datatype, when I set the datatype in "Point Properties" to Multistate, then proceed to edit Graphical Views, it won't offer me any options other than "Basic"
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • No, you're not doing anything wrong. There are image renderers for graphical views for numeric and binary, but for multistate there is only the basic renderer. We will add a such a thing for the next release.