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Configuring MS SQL as a Data Source

  • Hi all-

    I'm attempting to use an MS SQL database as a data source in Mango M2M2. Normally to connect to SQL using a database browser I only need the servername/IP, userid and password. Mango has a couple of other properties that I'm not certain as to what needs to be entered or if additional setup is required to use SQL as a data source.

    For the driver class name, I'm using the standard For the connection string I have Server=;Database=ExternalLog;User Id=dcstats;Password=xxxxxx;

    When I start the data source, I get this error: 10:35:30: 'VISU': java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

    What does the classnotfound exception mean? Am I missing something in the java setup? Thanks,


  • Your classname should be (Reverse jdbc and sqlserver.)

  • Thanks Matt! That allowed the software to get past the driver class loading. It now generates an error for the next line, connection string.

    10:59:46: 'VISU': java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for Server=;Database=ExternalLog;User Id=dcstats;Password=xxxxxx;

    I also tried the trusted connection string example, Server=;Database=ExternalLog;Trusted_Connection=True; and it generated a similar error.

    11:07:32: 'VISU': java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for Server=;Database=ExternalLog;Trusted_Connection=True;

    I got the connection string from this [url=]SQL connection string example page.
    Is there a different connection string I should be using? Thanks for your help,


  • That's not a JDBC connection string. Try here instead:

  • The information in your link appears to have allowed me to connect with a slight change. I had to change integratedSecurity to false, when it was true I got the error This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.

    For others out there who may be attempting to connect to a MS SQL (in this case 2008), here are the settings that worked for me.

    Driver class name:
    Connection string: jdbc:sqlserver://;database=ExternalLog;integratedSecurity=false;
    Username: database login UID
    Password: database login PW

    Of course, you'll have to customize the connection string to your database server name/IP and database name.

    Thanks Matt!