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Mixed Logging change + interval

  • I think it would be very useful to have a mixed logging type based on point change with added interval logging:

    If a point change its value, log it, if it as not changed its value for more than x seconds/minutes/hours then log it.

    This kind of logging, IMVHO, could help to keep the best from both logging type :

    1. track any useful "rapid" change of point value
    2. keep track of a point value at least any x minutes/seconds/hours
    3. Improve charts views when the point value changes infrequently
    4. Improve data export/download when point value has not changed over the selected time range

    With this type of logging we could set a "coarse" interval logging (to limit storage of unuseful data) but still be sure to track any relevant point change.


  • I like your suggestion and would certainly be a good addition to the logging options of Mango. If this is something you need for your application and have some development funds available we would certainly entertain adding this feature for you.


  • Regarding 3), note that you can change the plot type of the point to "step", which will have the same effect.