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  • Simple licensing question.

    I am currently using the FREE core version. It is running on an XP PC

    When I attempt to log on from another machine(on the same subnet) to, I get the error:

    "Your license domain 'localhost:8080' does not match the current domain"

    So, in the free licence conditions, what are the 3 unique IP addresses?
    I would like to see how this runs on my android, and will be looking to purchase
    a full license after complete testing.

    Maybe you guys are looking toward an android app in the furture, but for now it should work
    pretty well using a browser over a LAN or Cellular.


  • When you get a license it is tied to the URL that you access Mango from. When you got your license you must have done this while logging into Mango from localhost rather than the IP you want to use. If you are running in free mode you don't need a license and can delete the the m2m2.lincese.xml from the MA directory. When you purchase a license be sure you do this while accessing Mango from the URL you want to use. I use a URL and a dynamic DNS service to access my Mango Instances which allows me freedom and flexibility with my licenses.


  • So if I delete the license file, I would be able to connect to the server from three different IP addresses?

    Will my modbus module still be functional, and can I trial DGlux?


  • No, sorry, there is a little confusion here. There are two different things that we are talking about. 1. The URL that you use to access Mango 2. IP address of users used to log onto Mango.

    In free mode mango allows 1 IP address to log on (we have changed this to 3 in version 2.0.3 that will be released today)

    In free mode you can access mango from any URL.

    With a license you are restricted the 1. URL to access mango. If it's a purchased license then you have unlimited IP address that users can login from.

    If you generated a license but selected the free version of the core then you have a license that allows you to login from only the URL that you generated the license from and still has the IP restrictions.

    I hope this makes it clearer. I would suggest either using a purchased license or deleting the free license.


  • In my experience you don't need to install a license at all to use the free version.

    I am not a developer so I'm only guessing, but the message doesn't sound like its related to the license.
    It sounds more like you have left something incomplete. You should make sure that your modules and core are up to date.