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How to log on to Mango from remote systems?

  • I am new to mango and making a scada project on it. I need to know how I can access my Mango server from the internet from any other computer. Do i need to create a website of my own first? What is the URL i need to add when signing up for mango..

  • Mango Automation has it's own web server built in and runs on what ever port you start it on. By default it runs on port 8080. You can login by going to <Server IP or URL:port> or for example or

    The license for Mango Automation is tied to the URL that you want to use so, if you are only logging on internally then you can get a license for your server IP. If you want to connect both internally and externally then you should use your external network IP address or better is a domain name that points to your external network. If you are behind a dynamic IP address then using a dynamic dns service is your best bet to be able to continually access your Mango from anywhere.


  • okay. Please reply to my license email i sent you, for my project. it contains the guid for which i need to have a working modbus.

  • I use Core version 2.0.3 at home. But I cannot take remote connection, because there is that 3 ip limit. I take connection to address like ( is a dynamic dns service) At home I can take connection from different computers, because it take that address always but from other sources (not home network) connection it seems to be the real address. I didn’t found any Mango license file on Mango folder. What should I do that I can use remote connection for other networks?

  • Hi,

    Does it tell you that you have exceeded your IP limit, or what error do you get?

    To reset your allowed IP addresses just shut down and restart MA.


  • The console informs that IP limit, see attachment. Limit really disappears when restart the MA again. Unfortunately I cannot restart the computer if I’m for example at the trip and not home. If I want to check the situation there will be contacts from several address more than three.
    How I can avoid this three limit system, so that I can take the remote control from anywhere?

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  • If you want to connect to Mango Automation from an unlimited number of IP addresses then you'll need to purchase a commercial license. To do this, click on the "Update your licenses now" button on the modules page.