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  • The Data Import Module is used to import historical data into an existing Mango data point. This can be used to upgrade from other scada system.

    Your data needs to be in a .csv file and fit the following format:

    Date,"XID of point to import","XID or second point"
    yyyy/m/d h:mm:ss,value,value

    Here is an example of importing one data point with XID DM-6:

    2012/8/9 5:37:00,23
    2012/8/9 5:42:00,45

    If your date isn't in the correct format you can use excel to reformat the data column by using a custom format and yyyy/m/d h:mm:ss

  • Hello,
    I am migrating my data from m2m 1.13.0 to m2m2. I have over a years data collected at home--power, crest factor, temperatures,etc.-- that I don't want to lose). So I tested with one data point and corresponding set (it has about 33k sample points) and got an error at somepoint of the import.

    **Import Scenario
    The data was exported from m2m 1.13.0 and formatted in Excel. Since the data is in 1.13.0 as GMT I did not convert to local time to import in M2M2 assuming that is still the case.
    Data fragment of what was to be imported

    2011/12/08 07:09:48,-12
    2011/12/08 07:24:48,-12
    2011/12/08 07:39:48,-12
    2011/12/08 07:54:48,-12
    2011/12/08 08:09:48,-15

    Import outcome
    At sample 8704 I got this error.
    Upload exception: Cannot parse "2012/03/11 02:01:24": Illegal instant due to time zone offset transition (America/Denver)

    Everything up to that point imported ok.

    Fragment of Samples before error

    2012/03/11 00:46:24 9
    2012/03/11 01:01:24 9
    2012/03/11 01:16:24 7
    2012/03/11 01:31:24 7
    2012/03/11 01:46:24 7 <sample 8703 imported OK
    2012/03/11 02:01:24 7 <= error smple 8704

    Any suggestions? I did not see anything in the log file that gave me a hint.

  • That certainly is quite strange. I don't fully understand the sample data that you posted. I the second one where you got the error I don't see any point values or at lease I don't see the comma. Is the comma somehow missing so Mango thinks that the value (the 9 or 7) is a time zone?


  • Joel,
    There is a comma in the actual file. I just pasted from excel to show the data.

    The following is a screen shot. Top is what was imported and bottom is the original. Generally the shape is similar with some minor differences and range of dates is longer in the original. The data was exported from mysql, brought into excel to convert into date/time, and exported to CVS as per the spec. Did I miss something?

    Also, for the period between Jan 25 to Feb 1 I had a couple of days down. M2M2 seems to hold the last value for plotting until the new point while m2m seems to interpolate (draw a line from last value to new value). Is that correct?


  • I really have no idea. If you want to send me the csv files I'll try importing them on my system and see if I get the same error. You can send them to