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Turning devices on and off with time schedule

  • Hi all, thanks for your time.

    I have created a digital point in an Arduino and I can make it on/off by the watch list.
    How can I to make it with time scedule? (I don't understand if I can do it by schedule event actually. If I can not how can I succeed it?)

    Excuse me,I am begginer with the program cause I am student and also for my english. :)

  • This is very simple to do using a scheduled event.

    1. Create a schedule event.
    2. In the event handler find your new event and add a Setpoint under it.
    3. Configure the Setpoint so that your schedule turns it on or off.

    Hopefully this is enough so you can figure it out from here. If you need more details let me know.


  • Amazing!
    It works!
    I was so close to find it :P
    thanks :)