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Retrieve data from SQLite Database

  • Hi everyone,

    I want to create a SQL Datasource and use a SQLite database. I've done it with a MySQL Database and it works perfectly well.
    I tried to search on the board and I found that I need to add the driver in WEB-INF/lib. So i downloaded the SQLiteJDBC (3.7.2) and i added it in the lib folder.
    I would like to know if it was the right thing to do and then, what should i do now? Do i need to modify some files (i guess i have to) ? Is there a documentation explaining how to add another sql driver to Mango ?

    Best regards,

    P.S : Sorry for my english, i'm not fluent

  • Correct so far. A quick search suggests that the driver class name for sqlite is org.sqlite.JDBC. I think that is all you should need.

  • Ok thanks, I'll try and come back if i have a problem.

  • I do not have a username & password for my sqlite db and how should i formulate the connection string? Please help.

    Thanks so much!