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[SOLVED] Acknowledge *ALL* events

  • Hello!

    How can I just acknowledge all and every event that is recorded in the data base? The "Acknowledge all" button just runs MiscDwr.acknowledgeAllPendingEvents() which only acknowledges a fixed amount of events. I have got many, many events due to a hardware outage, so they hold no valuable information. I thought of exporting the events data base table without data and reimporting it. Are there any ID relations that could get messed up?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Micheal,

    This functionality was not developed for a couple reasons: 1) you may be acknowledging events that are not listed and you may not know exist, which may not be good, and 2) you may end up ack'ing events that are raised during the ack'ing operation. Both of these conditions were considered unsafe.

    What we could do is have another option that makes a distinction, like "ack all" vs "ack displayed". But, nothing like this is currently planned.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I totally agree on the points that you mentioned.

    I did as I said in my original post and dumped the events table without data from the MySQL data base. I then reimported the empty events table and all works well. Would be nice if the "users" could do something similar as you suggested via "ack all" if They Know What They Are Doing... but that would only be convenience in this case.

    Marking as solved since there is no priority and procedure works in the few cases where an "ack all" is needed.