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New Dynamic Graphics & Dashboard Building Tool for Mango

  • Infinite Automation Systems Inc. has signed a very exciting licensing agreement with DGLogik Inc. to use their DGLux data visualization platform with all the Mango M2M and Mango Automation Products.
    DGLux at a powerful, drag and drop, graphic generation tool to create visually stunning and dynamic dashboards using real time and historical data from the Mango products.
    The two products now combined together make one of the most powerful SCADA and HMI / Remote Monitoring solution you will find.

    DGLux will be included in every licensed version of Mango Automation (not released yet) at no extra charge and for a limited time we will also offer DGLux integration and licensing for existing Mango M2M Users. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think or questions you might have, you can also contact me directly at or (303) 558-7112.

    Joel Haggar
    Infinite Automation Systems Inc.

  • Hi Joel,

    Looks very impressive! I was wondering if DG Lux will render nicely on smartphones?


  • We actually have an iphone, ipad, and Android app coming out soon which makes rendering really perfect. With DGlux you can also design the dashboard for interaction with mobile gestures and screen resolution detection which make it a perfect tool for mobile viewing. Even without the app you can view dashboards from android devices pretty well but being flash based you need the app to view on iphones or ipads.

    Here is a video demo of the mobile apps:

  • Thanks Joel,

    I guess we'll have to sit tight until all this is launched by you guys. Is this happening soon? This year?


  • Mango Automation is ready now! We're still making a few tweaks to the site but you can get it at the downloads page on I'm not sure when the mobile app will be ready but will keep you posted.

  • Hi Joel,

    I'll be checking it out in a minute. Does this mean DGLux is now packaged with Mango Automation?


  • Yes, DGLux is fully integrated and ready to use. We've had several beta testers using it for awhile and I'm upgrading some older m2m system to MA and DGLux dashboards. I also have an online demo you can check out you can login with admin / admin and you'll see the dglux icon in the menu.


  • Hi Joel,

    I just installed Mango Automation, with some help from Matthew. I quickly set up two virtual data points and launched DG Lux.

    It asks about licenses. I thought you mentioned it came free for up to 3 IP addresses?


  • DGLux has it's own licensing. You can request a 30 day trial which will have 5 available dashboards. In the license request box just put the word Trial in the project name. It might take a hour or more but it will then be automatically licensed.

    Let me know if you have any other issues with this.


  • lovely. i always wanted that :)