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  • The active alarms is showing this error message:

    PreparedStatementCallback; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [select id, data from eventHandlers where eventTypeId=? and eventTypeRef1=? and (eventTypeRef2=? or eventTypeRef2=0)]; SQL state [XJ001]; error code [0]; Java exception: 'Java heap space: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError'.; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Java exception: 'Java heap space: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError'.

    Help? :(

  • How much memory does your host system have? You can adjust the maximum heap size of your instance with options such as -Xmx. (Which you can set in your Tomcat start scripts. Look for the JAVA_OPTS setting.)

    I believe the default max heap size in Java is 64MB. If you wanted to change this to 256MB, you would add the option "-Xmx256M".