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Binary to multistate meta point

  • I would like to use a binary and a numeric as context points in a multistate meta point.
    My problem is with the binary context point. The statement if(n.value==1.0) works for the numeric point but if(b.value==true) does not work for the binary.
    I have tried different combinations of true, false, 1, 0, 1.0. 0.0 with no change.
    Writing “return k” and clicking the Validate Script button yields the message Success. result=true but using if(k.value==true) does not work.

    // multistate meta point
    // k = fanRelay (binary)
    // p = fanProof (numeric)
    var s = 0
    if(k.value==true) {
        if(p.value==1.0) {
            s = 1;
        else {
            s = 2;

  • Works for me. In fact, both of these do:

    if (b.value == true)

    ... and:

    if (b.value)

  • I have been experimenting with Virtual data points as banging the fan on and off was slow.
    If I switch the context variables in this meta point it will work.
    Changing the state of the binary variable has no effect.

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  • I installed ScadaBR alongside Mango M2M on my server and the bug does not exist in ScadaBR.

    ScadaBR works correctly.

    I still cannot use binary context points in Mango.

    return binaryPoint.value; fails on my fresh Mango install.

  • As i said, it works for me. What version are you using?