We really appreciate the feedback. We had this in the works, and I wanted you to be the first that saw it. We have a fairly comprehensive tutorial on how Pi-Portfolio works now in the Documentation website. We just got it in today.

Here is the link to it [https://docs-v4.radixiot.com/pi-portfolio-help]. I certainly hope this helps, as I know it's a fairly prominent feature with lots of options.

As to user management, we are working on something. This area of the software changed a ton in v4, and again in v5 however the v5 changes are mostly cosmetic to allow an easier view. Functionally it's the same (even if you click on a user you will notice the same dialog that was in v4 is there). We will work to change the Documentation to reflect the changes in workflow. If there is anything else in the user management section that you feel is off - please let me know and we can look into it.

Again - thanks for the feedback here, that's what the forum is for.

All the best,