I am developing an application with BACnet4J library. First of all, I am able capable of reading properties from a device. However, I would like to discover devices connected in the same network. That is to say, I do not know IP/port from other BACnet devices, but I really know that they exist. I am playing with ObjectType.device and PropertyIdentifier. I have included in my code the following lines:

lDevice.sendBroadcast(1476, null, new WhoIsRequest());
for (RemoteDevice d : lDevice.getRemoteDevices()) {
	List<ObjectIdentifier> oids = ((SequenceOf<ObjectIdentifier>) 
                 lDevice.sendReadPropertyAllowNull(d, d.getObjectIdentifier(),PropertyIdentifier.objectList)).getValues();
    PropertyReferences refs = new PropertyReferences();
	for (ObjectIdentifier oid : oids)
	     addPropertyReferences(refs, oid);
             PropertyValues pvs = lDevice.readProperties(d, refs);
	     // pvs.

Someone could help me, please.
Thank you very much!
Kind regards!