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Server-Side Script to output a table with latest n values of a datapoint

  • Hello all,
    I'm trying to create a server-side script to retrieve latest n values for selected datapoint and present it in tabular shape.
    Is there a way to retrieve archived values from a server-side script?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hello,

    I solved this. But, I modified ScadaBR 0.9 (fork Mango). When you able to modify source code of Mango, I can send my code. It is a few classes.


  • Thank you Ondrej!
    I thought there is a server-side script to do dirty work but I haven't find anything.. :)
    I'll keep your contact in case I'll decide to rebuild mango too..
    Thank you for now

  • You can see some demo on

    This is combination serverscript, javascript and Flash.

    Code, which is used in View. "dataPoint.getLatestPointValues(10)" is own added method to ScadaBR.

    var data_series =  dataPoint.getLatestPointValues(10);
    var pole = "[";
    for (i=0;i<data_series.size();i++) {
         if (i!=data_series.size()-1) pole+=",";
    s = "<script>try {document.getElementById(\"AXLED\")._ax_setChartValues("+pole+");} catch (e){};</script>";
    return s;

    is some test of JavaScript chart.

    ServerScript is non-standard, but can be strong in Mango, when some change be provided. I like it and I think, that this is best on Mango.


  • Great job!

    You use your mod in order to retrieve datas for the little graph on the right, don't you?

  • Yes, I can use data for graph or table of values. I have method in Server - javascript (View) for last X values or values between time interval.
    Similar method I have in javascript (dataPoint). Now I can get last of values and calculate weightedd average, moving average for example.