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Mango 1.13.0 DataPoints import issue

  • Hello everyone,
    I found an issue on latest Mango version 1.13.0.
    When you export and then import data points from a Modbus datasource, import task return an error about ChartRenderer property:

    Data point 'DP_347885': 'JsonException reading property 'chartRenderer' of type null', caused by: 'null'

    It seams it couldn't parse 'null' value of chartRenderer property. What I have to do is set this property to a different value, for example


    The workaround works and using Search-and-Replace feature of every text editor I managed to import saved configurations.

    Anyway it is quite annoying to set this property, because I don't use it at all..
    When will be release next Mango version?

    Best regards and thank you

  • This problem is actually in a supporting library that Mango uses, not in Mango itself. The fix for it involved porting to a new version of the lib, which is a significant effort. Completion time for this is not currently known.

  • Previous version hasn't this problem..
    Isn't possible to return back to previous library version?