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  • Where can one find the latest source code for Mango M2M? The latest version I can find anywhere is 1.12.4 as part the ScadaBR project on sourceforge.

  • Thats where further development of mango will happen ...


  • @apl said:

    Thats where further development of mango will happen ...Please don't misunderstand me Arne, but I think you're simplifying too much...

    Let's try to make things a bit clearer. Perhaps it's time to stop calling this "open source"... just call it freeware since code is no longer available.

    I'm afraid that for commercial reasons we're gonna loose continuity on one of the best open java projects ever (despite some use of non open packages).

    Indeed that's probably why scadabr is only a fork and is not officially taking control of mango project.
    If not them, then who may ever? - Well, there's still VMware... they're acquiring everything! ;)

    However I must confess I would never call by the name "mango" anything not written by that serotonin developer...
    But I also think there should be less forks as possible. There are too many forks already in this open source world.

    In the end, with source provided, maybe people all over the world would likely donate some money for mango support (at least I would).

    Sorry if I was long, didn't mean to waste your time