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How get response to function 17? response have 15 bytes...

  • Hi!
    I've already implement the master TCP to read some energy meters, but the function 17 i'm not getting to do.
    Here is its rules:
    Request: (slaveId , function number, crc)
    (1, 17, CRC)

     Response: 15 bytes
             slaveId: 1
             func. Num.: 17
             count byte: 10
             float IEEE32BITS: 64 | 0 | 4 | 234
             serial number: 0 | 18 | 214 | 135
             meter type: 0 | 188
       How can i do this?

    I tried this way, but not work ...

    ModbusRequest mr = new ReadInputRegistersRequest(1, 17, 1);
    ReadInputRegistersResponse rep = (ReadInputRegistersResponse) master.send(mr);


  • Have a look at ReportSlaveIdRequest

  • thanks, it worked