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How to write server-side scripts

  • Hi team,

    I am very new to Mango but excited by seen it's capabilities. I am very interested in learning that how to write server side scripts.
    Any help on this is much appreciated. please let me know how to begin (I don't have a clue). but I have done some VB programing therefore I think with your help I can study this.


  • What do you need?

    In MetaPoint window is icons with (?) and there is some basic info about writing script. I wrote some scripts in Mango, I can help you.


  • thank you,

    Initially I am looking into write some coding to get values and put some values to a selected data point (modbus) in the graphics window. then I would like to know other available things which I can use in future when it's required.

    thank you in advance.


  • Hi,

    Scripts in MetaPoints:

    1. Context's points - you can add some points to your MetaPoint for access from script.
    2. Final value - result, have to save with commnad return value.
    3. You cannot save value to other points from script
    4. You cannot get others values from points, only last value. You cannot take previous value from Metapoint in your script without simple hack.

    Hack for previous value from MetaPoint

    1. create your metapoint with some simply script
    2. save your metapoint and activate it and activate datasource - green light
    3. go to another screen on Mango - views, lists and return back to MetaDataSource and metapoint. Now you can add this metapoint as source point for your script.
    4. disable alarm level - Context point disabled = NONE

    I am working in ScadaBR, clone of Mango. Yesterday I modified MetaDataPoints and I added new functions for scripts - last(limit) ... gets last point values and list(from, to) ... gets list of values between ....
    It works good.

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