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  • I recently purchased an Android phone and now have semi-permanent retina damage.

    However, just before the i completely lost my marbles, i installed an App called "Torque"
    After connecting it to my cheap ebay elm327 OBD interface on my car, i was presented with some wonderful dials and a way to upload my car's ECU data to the interweb.

    So i thought to meself, "hey, i could send it to mango!" and there was born unto me an idea.

    And so now, mango now emails me on certain conditions...over-speed (yes really!!) average fuel consumption too low and a host more i'm working on. like a weekly report.
    I'm working on a kind of geofence idea to email me when i go through the toll bridge too as i've been overcharged from time to time. (it's a camera system they use...and i have a very generic car...grrr)

    Well, thats just another use i've found for Mango. Maybe it can fuel some good ideas. pardon the pun :-)


  • That was great!

  • Post 14/09/2011 01:50:29 Subject: Overspeeding Androids
    That was great!

    Agree on the first floor of the opinion?very good

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  • I have purchased Andriod phone(Samsung Galaxy Pop). Now I am trying to edit excel sheet but I not getting any option to edit. How can I solve this problem. Please Give me any solution.