I'd like to share a little work-around my buddy and i discovered whilst developing a certain project.

We use mango for our SCADA environment and especially love the flexibility of it.

This is shown out in the way we use the nmea listener.

We needed a way to parse a comma separated sentance from a self built board and micro-processor (16fxxx for the nerds out there)
Well, the nmea listener did the trick, but then out in the field it proved a little difficult as rs232 doesn't really like a 15 mile cable!

So we packaged it up with a modem and sent it via GPRS on, well, lets say TCP port 5555

We then installed a piece of free software (see below) to forward the TCP message to a Virtual Serial Port - COM6.

And...as you can see from the attached screenshots, it worked pretty well

Mango (of course!)
Virtual Serial Port Emulator from www.eterlogic.com (free for 32bit platform)
Install the software and create a new 'connector' (er...com port) set it with defaults and tick the 'emulate baud rate' box.
Then create a 'TCP Server'. Enter the TCP port you want the Server to listen on. Then choose the newly created serial port and in serial port settings, choose 19,200 baud and leave rest as default.
Initialize the new 'Devices' and send some data.
Create your NMEA listener as a data source in Mango and listen for data. With any luck, you should see some data coming in.

The NMEA listener is limited to 9600 baud. Thats fine, but your COM Port must be set to at least double that (19,200) for mango to hear your transmission.
I don't know the exact reason, maybe someone else could offer an explanation.
Don't 'enable' the NMEA data source in mango if you're trying to listen to test data. It will hog the serial port. I'm sure you know that, but it took me while to figure !!

I hope someone finds this useful. After all we've benefited so much from this resource.


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