I stumbled on the CAI WebControl I/O board on another forum. it is an exceptional value at $34.00. 8 TTL out, 8 digital in, 3 analog in, 1-wire temperature (non-parasite power and very voltage sensitive), and humidity sensor input, microprocessor with PLC or Boolean 4000 line of code possible. Order on Amazon.com

Hooks up to your LAN via standard TCP/IP. I can access it internally on any computer on the LAN or remotely off site with appropriate router settings.

I have it interfaced with Mango retrieving data with HTTP Retreiver data source. Took me awhile of googling to find the xml. It is not documented for some reason in the manual.


Latest firmware also reportedly handles X-10 output by using two of the DO and an RF transmitter (310 mhz in US). I am very excited about this since Mango never did implement X-10. I have not tried this yet.

Here is a screen shot of data source retreiving temperature sensor 1 data:

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