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  • When a com.serotonin.bacnet4j.type.constructed.ProptertyStates object is instantiated via the PropertyStates(int type, BaseType state) constructor, the getState() function will work fine as a BaseType object is required.

    However, when a PropertyStates object is instantiated via the public PropertyStates(ByteQueue queue) constructor, the getState() function can generate ClassCastExceptions if it is not a BaseType.

    In my case, I had a ClassCastException because this.state was a BinaryPV, which isn't a BaseType.


        public BaseType getState() {
            return (BaseType) state.getDatum();

    to this

        public Encodable getState() {
            return state.getDatum();

    resolves the problem. Or if getState returned this.state, that should probably work too.