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  • Hi

    Does anyone have an idea of the scalability of m2m2 ?
    I mean how many devices / datapoints can one m2m2 instance handle?
    Lets assume we have some good server hardware with 24GB RAM etc. and we have 5000 devices that updates 10 datapoints each every 30 minutes.
    Would the site still present the historical data quickly after 5 years?
    This is 2.400.000 new datapoint updates every 24Hours and approx 876.600.000 every year
    I have seen really bad performance on other m2m systems when the database grows beyond a few hundred mega bytes.
    The performance with "large" databases is influenced a lot by database design and indexes, search methods, lack of stored procedures etc.


  • We currently have a customer logging around 500 samples every 2 seconds, so i think you'll likely be ok. I recommend you separate your database server from your M2M2 server and scale the hardware as necessary.