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  • Hi

    Is it possible to write a module for m2m2 that changes the user management or is this a part of the core that can not be changed by others than Serotonin ?

    The goal for me is illustrated by the following example:
    We have 5000 devices submitting data to one m2m2 instance.
    The devices are owned by 10 different customers.
    The 10 customers should not be able to see the other customers data.
    Each of the 10 customers should be able to add new devices them self and manage/add new users who can only see their devices.

    I would also like to add other "roles" than administrator and user so that it could be setup what roles can access what reports/pages.
    This should be dynamic and the administrator should be able to set it up via GUI.


  • The easy answer is to have 10 M2M2 instances. But to answer the question you asked, at the moment there are no mechanisms for this, but there is no corporate philosophy preventing them from being added.