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  • Hello,

    I´ve noticed sometimes the public views don´t render properly - background image and components don´t load, and all we get is the small "block" image in the place of each component (at least they are layed out at correct positions, but don´t actually "show" anything).

    This only happens at public views... everything works OK when normally loggin in and going to the graphical views.

    This is very random and unfortunately, difficult to reproduce. Reloading sometimes does the trick to fix it. One user reported it is related to the computer going to "sleep" or "hibernate" modes, and then coming back to operation, but I´ve personally seen Firefox with this same behavior, with no sleeping/hibernating involved.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Any idea of how to debug this, or what technology could be causing this? (jsp, dwr/ajax...)?


    best regards.

  • Hi Victor,

    What version are you seeing this in? I used to see this because the DataPointVO.lastValue property would be set with the latest value of the point, and view initialization depended upon it being different from the current value (because it only sends changes to the browser, and if there is no difference, no change is sent, and the point stays as a block). Personally though, i cannot now recreate the problem.

    A question though... The above condition should be cleared when the value of the point actually changes. Is this what you are seeing, or does the point always remain a block.