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  • Is it possible to get license file for instance of M2M2 that is not connected to the internet?
    I need to install M2M2 on a PC, which is intended to be used alone and nas no internet connection. It would be sad if licensing problems is the only reason to use M2M instead of M2M2.

  • You can download the license file for the instance to your workstation, and then copy it any way you like to the instance in question. Just copy it into the M2M2 root directory.

  • I am confused about this phrase on m2m2 site ([url=]here):

    License files are bound to a specific instance of Mango M2M2 (determined by hardware serial numbers), and are non-transferable.
    Does it mean that m2m2 instance is bound to a computer hardware?

  • Yes, it is.