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  • When I define a device as

    LocalDevice localDevice = new LocalDevice(1972, "");

    the localdevice will broadcast to only

    How can define multi ip address to broadcast to all of them.

    Maybe The broadcast IP can be changed But I think it is not goog solition.

    I want to broadcast to only 5 ip (,,,...)

    How can I make it

  • This issue is very important for me. Is there any opinion you?

    Thank you

  • I'm not a networking specialist, but my understanding is that .255 is the broadcast address. I'm not aware of a way to list specific addresses to include in a broadcast - that sounds more like a multicast to me. If you discover (no pun intended) a way in which to do this in Java code, we can explore how such functionality could be added to BACnet4J.

  • I cant find any soltion. Because of DatagramPacket is only send one address.

  • I guess that's it then.

  • I think this is more a networking issue rather than a BACnet or BACnet4j issue.

    What I would do is create a seperate network with only the devices you want to broadcast to, and put in a gateway/route to the rest of the network to provide connectivity if you require it.