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  • Hi ! I am a new beginner to BACnet programming. I installed VTS on one pc and then created several objects under the device, like AO1,AI1. What I want to do is to get the object list after identifying the device instance by :
    localDevice.sendReadPropertyAllowNull(d, d.getObjectIdentifier(), PropertyIdentifier.objectList);
    I saw the wireshark showed that it had asked the device for readProperty, but yet the VTS just does not reply the localDevice for the objects I created.

    May I know if my config is correct or what 's wrong behind?

  • Did you set the network number for the port in VTS? I met the problem before that if you don't have the network number, VTS won't reply any message...

  • Thank you Pine for your solution, though I do not understand why it needs so. :wink: