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  • Hi. I am very new to tomcat, mango, and scada systems in general. Anyway I succeeded in installing the system on my controll pc. User interface works and now I would like to interface some devices.

    On our local water supply we have some ICP DAS devices (from Taiwan) we would like to interface to a Mango system. Problem is I dont know what protocol these boxes are using.

    It is a kind of simple rs485 bus and I can communicate with the devices using minicom. Below is scan from a sample page from the manual. I hope someone recognises it and maybee tell me how to interface these devices to Mango.



  • Hello,

    do you able to create own JAVA classes for communication with this device. For example with RXTX Library?


  • @oja said:

    .. you able to create own JAVA classes.. ? Well I'm am not sure. My programming skills are limited and I have never worked with Java. But if I could find out the basics in how to locate, clone and modify one of the existing classes I might be able to hack the driver to talk this protocol.