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  • On a related topic, users have asked about how many points Mango can scale to. At this time there have been no definitive stress tests, but the answer depends largely upon the hardware on which the application is deployed. If you have a system of hundreds of points, we estimate that a server with at least 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM should be sufficient. Please note, though, that there are many factors influencing this recommendation including the polling rates being used (for polling protocols), the number of data sources, and the number of event detectors and handlers that are defined.

    To help assess whether your deployment is suitable, we will be adding self-monitoring code to the application so that Mango can monitor its own processor load.

    Also note that the most performance intensive activity for the application is UI rendering. Even a system with few points may stress if many users are in the watch list or graphical views at once. ("Many" depending, or course, upon your hardware, but we can generalize to, say, 20-50 users.) This is primarily due to the rendering of image charts, so choosing not to use them will relieve much of the load on the system.