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  • Hi

    Is it possible to up the data resolution, currently its only measuring to half a degree. Whilst most of the time that fine, it does not work for alarms, half a degree is the difference in temp I need to use to create an alarm for when our stream floods. But what happens now is that due to rounding up or down its constantly going into alarm with a small change say 8.25-8.35.

    Can that be done ?



  • Hi Keith,

    I believe that is a limitation of either the equipment or the DS's 1-wire protocol implementation. Mango just uses the values that it receives. I'd suggest you ask your equipment supplier for confirmation of this.

  • Hmmm

    There are two applications that I have used before Log Temp by Mr Soft and Lampomittari both of which give data to 2 decimal places.

    On the Dallas site the spec sheet for a ds18s20 says accurate to 0.5C' is it something to do with the temperature resolution needing to be configured which the spec sheet also gives, or is that something else completly ?


  • My apologies: you are correct. Devices optionally support multiple temperature resolutions. Unfortunately, Mango does not currently facilitate the setting of device-level configuration options. Perhaps in a later release...

  • Great I'll look forward to it