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Another Arduino/Modbus question

  • I am wondering how to proceed with bringing back more than one variable from the arduino.

    I have followed the tutorial from JointTech ( and it works great, however when I try to add more inputs things start to fall apart.

    Does anybody have any pointers or better yet an example of a sketch outlining how to add in extra points?


  • Nevermind, I figured it out, I was adding the registers correctly, it was a setting in Mango holding me back.

  • Can you be more specific? Maybe someone else will have the same issue...

  • You Bet.

    As per JointTechs sketch the first modbus variable was defined as:

    regs[MB_REG0]=<variable goes here>

    To add extra points simply increase the reg number, eg.

    regs[MB_REG1]=<next variable here>.

    When creating the data source in Mango, the offset needs to be increased by one to correspond with each point.

    I will post up a copy of my sketch once it is cleaned up, my programming skills are horrible. :mrgreen:

  • Ok reading data from arduino is easy but what if you want to set an output on arduino?
    Did you have some exemple ?
    From what I have read the arduino modbuslave library does not have a COIL register implemented :(
    Did you have some solution?