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  • Hello everyone.
    I would like to login into Mango using my own form, in my own web page and than use iframes to show the "restricted" graphical views, in the same way publicviews.jsp works.

    Is it possible?

    Thankyou very much

  • Not sure i understand the full extend of what you're trying to do, but, yes, i think so. You can have your form point to the same URL as Mango's, and use the same parameters names. Should be "username" and "password", but i haven't checked.

  • Hello Matthew and thankyou for your answer.

    What I would like to do is login into Mango without display classical Mango interface (the one with mango logo on top left corner, buttons and so on..) but only graphical views inside an iframe.

    I've already created a login page with custom textbox fields and a button that does post to login.jsp page of mango. It does correctly the login, but than it redirect me to default Watch list page. Instead of this, I would like to redirect to my own page, that is in particular a page with a iframe that points to a graphical view (not a public view, but a view that required login to be displayed). Is it possible?

  • Sure. Set the target page as your "home url" using the house icons at the right side of the toolbar.

  • Would you mind sharing this custom login page at all please? I am fairly new to JSP.