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Abillity to format text in Data Points

  • background color and significant digits would be a good start

  • This is already available. Please see the text rendering documentation on the point editing page (i.e. the lego brick with the "edit" pencil on it). (Ok, not background colour, but foreground colour can be changed.)

  • here?

    sorry, I'm not finding it

  • No problem. It is in fact a bit ambiguous, something that we are considering how to make clearer.

    Start from the watchlist.

    • add the point that you want to edit if it isn't there already
    • click the brick icon of the point to get to its point details page
    • click the brick icon with the pencil to get to its point edit page
    • look for text rendering on the left side

    The brick/pencil icon is used for point editing in two contexts: within a data source where the fields are specific to the data source, and the general point editing where the fields are all those common to all points (but can be based upon the point's data type).

    Hope this helps.

  • it does help - as there is a fair amount you can do in there.
    However... I would still like to be able to edit the yellowish orange background of Data Points.
    My primary reason at the moment is to clearly display 2 process values next to each other - both are oven temperatures, but for twin ovens. If I make one green and one purple (or whatever).. then I can put them next to eachother without confusion.
    Not to mention a background color feature would allow me to have the bounding box fade into the background and appear not to exist.

  • That's a good point. Those backgrounds are a bit of work to circumvent, but we'll take a look.

    In the meantime you could just use the foreground colours to distinguish the two, no?

  • in the mean time, yes., but I don't think it's super-clear for my user.
    is there a way to use the browser to color it for you? it's a standard HTML/CSS property..

  • All of that code is based upon HTML/CSS, yes. When done, that's what it will be.