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Yahoo Pipes, Mango and Google Maps

  • Did you ever want to display feed from Yahoo Pipes?

    In my case, i show a Google Map of a vehicle's position in relative realtime
    The reason for this is that i am monitoring a bunch of data being relayed from a truck and wanted to display its position in realtime, on a map in the same webpage.

    Yahoo Pipes handles the KML data from my GPS Tracking Software, providing a live feed.

    I imagine you can display any Yahoo Pipes feed, its just i use the KML feature.

    this is a demo link i put up for all to see:

    if you'd like to know more, just let me know and i'll post some sample code.

    Ps. remember please that i'm a bit of a novice, and there is probably a much simpler way of achieving what i've done here. :-)