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  • Hi
    I'm trying to discover the objects using one of your test classes ( If the Bacnet devices are on Network 0 then I get all the devices. But if they are on a different network number it does not find the devices. We are trying to connect to network number 10500. Can you direct me how to achieve this.


  • By "network number", are you referring to an MS/TP subnet? There needs to be an intermediary that will forward the WhoIs.

  • Yes it is the MS/TP network number.

    Also when I use the new Bacnet.jar file from the website and write to an analog output object I'm getting the error ErrorAPDU(choice=15, errorClass=Property, errorCode=Write access denied). I was able to write to the same objects when I used the december 2009 Jar file. Can you help me on this as well.


  • I might, but i have no information to go on.