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How would you do that using Mango ? Request-Answer datapoints

  • Hi,

    I wish I could use Mango as THE single tool for supervision of several things in our plant.

    Last things I can't are on the same scheme :

    • Several points behind the same automation tool
    • I can get the data point only as an answer of a request contenaining a parameter.

    For exemple if I want to know how many Material is:
    in our silo 1 plant A I must send the string "\n001DISP\n" then everytime I end a null char I get a char of the answer.

    001 is the parameter, number of the silo.

    in our silo 1 plant B I must send the string "S01N\n" then wait for the answer.

    01 is the parameter, number of the silo.

    I currently use a own coded service, opening the serial port, asking for data then storing it in a database with the silo's number as key. This database is the mango datasource, and there is a datapoint for each silo depending of the key.

    I'll get exactly the same with a OPC server. I must first write the parameter inside a tag, then the engine number inside another and then timestamp in a third one so I can get the current value of this parameter for this engine. But it is more longterm thus it seems that we can't set points nor get string tag for now with OPC DA.

  • You would need a custom data source to get this done. Serotonin can do custom work, and other users can also built their own data sources.