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  • Hi,

    Is it possible to use your Modbus4Java library in the Processing language since its based on Java?

    Processing is a graphic API for Java.

    Is there some information on a pdf that gives you a crash course in using the modbus library?

  • Processing was written in Java, but the scripts that you write are not Java themselves. I'm not sure if Processing has hooks back into Java such that you can implement functionality through APIs. In theory it's possible.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for responding.

    Have you heard of jamod? Its another modbus library for Java. I posted a question in Processing asking if I can use it in Processing API. Two users came back saying that they have successfully implemented the TCP option in jamod library. There is example code in Sourceforge that they directly just cut an pasted in the Processing API. I'm still waiting for an answer concerning the use of the modbus RTU option in Processing. The jamod requires the RXTX library also and since this is already included in Processing I dont know if it will work.

    Do you know of more information on how to use the serotin modbus library?
    So I can start testing. The jamod lib seems a bit more complicated then M4J lib.

  • Yes, we know of Jamod. It is a working implementation, but we decided to write our own for a number of reasons. We believe, as you have noted, that the Modbus4J library is now more advanced.

    The Modbus4J library has a number of test classes that others have successfully used to set up their own integration.