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  • Hello everybody.
    Congratulations, Mango is a true tool for monitoring.

    I'm monitoring a machine voltage and current:
    how can I make a report showing the instant power consumption of that machine? (lets think cos(phi)=1)
    Ok, I can make a Virtual Point and a Point Link in this way... virtualpoint=voltage*current, and then make a report over that virtual point.

    But... how can I integrate that virtual point over time to get the energy consumption in a period of time?

    another question... is possible to use Python instead of java to write scripts? Lots of people use python as scripting language in engineering.

    Thanks and congratulations.

  • Hi jose,

    But... how can I integrate that virtual point over time to get the energy consumption in a period of time?

    In your case, would you just do something like weight the value by the length of time since the last value? If so, averaging calculations that are already in the report should do this.

    is possible to use Python instead of java[script]

    There is a Java implementation of Python called Jython that apparently could be plugged into Java's scripting architecture. It may be interesting to allow users to select the type of script they would like to write. But this may be complicated to set up and maintain, so, first, it would be good to know what you can do in Python that you can't do in Javascript. (Maybe a silly question, but i'm not a Python user.)

  • Hello mlohbihler.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, average data could be a good enough solution for that question.

    What can I do in Phython that can't be done in Java? I don't know, I'm not Java user.

    I think that all scripting languages have the same (or almost the same) capabilities, and, if you know phyton, or shell script, or C, or VB, ... I'm sure it will be easy for you to write code in another language.

    Then... why am I asking for python? Easy, I have told you before, I'm not JavaScript user.

    Thank you for read my wish and for write this great tool called Mango.

  • Just a note: Java and Javascript are similar in syntax, but that's about it. I don't know if you've used the term interchangeably by mistake, but just so you know they are quite different.