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  • Version 4.2.0

    • Mango is now built for Java 11, it is now a hard requirement to use Java 11 or higher to run Mango
    • Fix bugs in ipv6 network tools to accurately whitelist ipv6 addresses, would previously blacklist all ipv6
    • Fix bugs when importing data points that include event detectors after exceeding the amount of data points allowed by the license
    • Availability to monitor the common pool size inside ForkJoinPool, as an internal point for metrics.
    • Fix bug in data point notify events to more accurately fire the correct event types that control meta points and event detectors
    • Add properties to enable/disable disk usage monitoring for SQL and TSDB directories (internal.monitor.diskUsage.monitorSql and internal.monitor.diskUsage.monitorTsdb)
    • Disable disk usage monitoring for SQL and TSDB directories by default
    • Add property to enable/disable use of OSHI native library for metrics (internal.monitor.enableOperatingSystemInfo)
    • Only get and update the process once when polling OSHI native library
    • Remove system metrics that called getAllStackTraces(): com.serotonin.m2m2.rt.maint.WorkItemMonitor.maxStackHeight and com.serotonin.m2m2.rt.maint.WorkItemMonitor.threadCount
    • Dont allow concurrent polling for metrics in ServerMonitoringService and DiskMonitoringService
    • Fix bug where "sessionCookie.persistPeriodSeconds" setting was ignored
    • Add setup page to configure admin password and locale on first login
    • Move timezone env property use to be before Logging initializes so logging uses this timezone
    • Add comma separated env property for MySQL backups to allow passing options to mysqldump, for large systems use db.mysql.extraDumpArgs=--single-transaction,--skip-lock-tables

  • @terrypacker said in Mango 4.2.0 Release:

    Any migration guide from V4b12?

  • @ricardo @terrypacker we are also planning to upgrade from v4b12, any recommendation for upgrade?

  • @ricardo @Malaguena
    We do not have specific upgrade guides from beta versions, however you should read