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IP Bacnet device - BACnet discovery

  • I have a network that spread over /21. There are few devices that I can access from YABE using " remote BACnet /Ip node. The Mango version is 3.7.7 the latest one.

    The Mango instance itself has 2 interfaces the public one, and the internal one which is pointing to these/21 subnets.

    The local BACnet device is created with local bind address 0.0.0. and subnet /21 I added Device ID #35000, the broadcast address is, the local network number is 0. There is not BBMD.

    When I scan for the devices using the BACnet device browser. WHO-IS is not returning any device. I understand that is because there is no BBMD.

    What I don't understand is why the scanner is not showing even a local device?

    Is there any way haw to solve such a situation?


  • Hi NinoK,

    if you create a new BACnet-Data-Source your local device IP (old system settings / BACnet local devices: should be the same as the Mango-Server has:




    If you create a new BACnet data point it should look like:


    where the "Device instance number" is the given Device ID, here 5.

    If all BACnet-Devices are in the same IP-Range you don't need a BBMD.
    Be carful if you scan a large BACnet-Network with many devices and objects. It can take a long time and need server-resources. Better is to scan one ID.