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icon availability issues for menu items

  • Hi,
    In Mango 3.7.7, when I try to specify either a font-awesome or google material icons for my custom menu item, the availability of the icons are a bit hit and miss. For example, I can specify 'fa-tint' for a water drop icon and it shows up. But if I specify 'fa-water', it does not. I have tried the google material icons too, same issues.
    Below are two screenshots showing the issues.

    icon shown.jpg
    icon not shown.jpg

    Is there a definite list of icons that are available for Mango to use or there is a compatibility issue?

    Thank you.

  • Fa are foundation icons.
    I use material icons, have a Google for them. There is a page with all the icons available.

    Angularjs material icons