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How to recalculate a meta data point for entire history of context var

  • Bonjour,

    I've got a meta data point M that uses a context var X.
    X has existing historical values while M is new. How can I get M to run against all historic values?


  • Welcome to the forum Till!

    If you use


    In your script and run the history against it, the script will use the time in the context and match it against the value at that time.

    Hope that answers your question!


  • Thanks Fox,

    That's what I hoped. I just cannot see where to 'run the history'

    Neither in old nor new UI


  • @till

    Found it!

    Generate History
    When creating a new Meta Point sometimes it is helpful to backfill values for it. This can be done by the generate history link in the Data Points table.

    The most recent saved value for all Context Points is found and that date is used for the Starting date for the simulation. (If any context point has no saved values the Generation will fail here)
    The oldest saved value for the Meta Point is found and that is used as the Ending date for the simulation. (If no values exist the current time is used)
    The simulation is run from Starting to Ending times and a values are created and saved according to the Meta Point settings.
    This means that a history can only be generated for times before the earliest Meta Point value.
    Calls to set() tell the database to save this value regardless of logging type and do not send it out through the data source