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  • I using mango 2.6 for 5-6 years for home use and learning, but with version 4 I'm going pretty slow because I'm not good at working in html code.

    I use a dashboard to create scada who should have three pages, page1, page2 and page3 with links to the other two pages ( for example- page 1 have two buttons, button1 for go to page2 and button2 for go to page3)
    The problem is that i don't know how to find it in the property editor for ma-button place where i put link to other page.
    On these pages should be display data read from several baknet devices, temperature, pressure, operating state and error status. Maybe some graph,
    Thanks in advance

  • 1.Administration-Dashboard designer
    2.enable componenet list
    3. in component list click on
    Basic component-Link
    link button appears on page
    4. in property editor open Element specific list link-to-state list
    6.find page to link and set